We Give *YOU* All The Glory

As a singer, and a Christian, it is always a joy to let my voice ring out in praise amd adoration to my glorious Eternal Father. 

The hardest part, however, comes when I receive a compliment regarding my presentation or special. 

You have such a great voice. 

You did some justice on that song. 

I’d like you to do some songs more often. 

And the scariest part is some of the thoughts I entertain afterwards. 

(insert purring voice)

I do have a beautiful voice. 

I certainly did some justice to that song. 

I should do more songs ALL the time.

See what I did there? Who was the main subject in my thoughts, the reason why they terrify me in the first place?

Me. Me. Me. Me.

Does it always have to be about me? Does it always have to revolve around me? 

Throwback to my previous post, Clear the Stage. Why is it important to clear the stage of our hearts and let God take centre stage, full blazing spotlights and the best sound system around (Yamaha, probably)? 

God is infinitely above all we can ever imagine or comprehend. The glory He is to receive comes from all creation, from the singing birds high up in the sky to the blind fish in the pitch blackness of the ocean trenches and everything in between. He alone deserves it all. An infinite God deserves infinite glory. Can infinite glory ever fill the wicked hearts of finite human beings?

When we get even a strand of this glory, this adoration, our proud sinful selves weave a feeble coat of ingratitude, selfishness and an inflated sense of self. We feel better than others, better than our own sinful self, and relish on this glory we cannot handle. In the end, it consumes us, till all we want is more and more glory. When that adulation isn’t as loud as last time’s, a big part of us caves in. When the compliments don’t come rolling in by the ton, all we want to do is cry and beg, please, say something concerning my presentation. 

It eats at us, till the chasm that can only be filled by God Himself within us grows larger and larger. So big, that it ends up destroying us. See how many famous celebrities have turned to drugs, ended up depressed, had social scandals and pretty messed up lives. They take on a glory that isn’t theirs initially. 

We only seek glory if and when we have done something that is worth the glory being sought. However it is worth noting that the work of God from creation to salvation that includes justification and sanctification does not involve us doing anything. It is all God centered, God planned, God executed; God alone. So even if we want glory what have we done to earn that glory? 

Infact, we have rebelled against God and turned away from His righteous decrees (Romans 3:23), therefore deserving His wrath (Romans 6:23). Yet, in His mercy, He sends His only Son to take our place, receive the wrath stored for us, and through His death make us right before God. 

The gifts He gives are a testament to His glory (James 1:17), and are to be used to praise Him and make all who see it praise Him. I’ve been singing practically all my life, but I often wonder how I came to start singing. I’ve never been taught how to sing, or mould my cords, tongue and lips so as to properly voice a note. The fact that I have not put as much or any input into being a good vocalist makes me just praise God for giving me the gift anyway. 

I throw the challenge to you. Like me, are you guilty of wanting the glory to come to you because you’re a good singer, artist, writer, dancer, cook, speaker?  Have we made God insignificant in our lives to a point where we want His glory to be directed to us? Have we always done something using our gifts because we want to be praised afterwards, not because our hearts are so grateful to God for who He is that all we can do is just praise Him? ​

Psalm 29:2 

Give unto the LORD the glory due to His name; Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

James 1:17

 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

I desire that Christians everywhere would yearn to give our God the glory He alone deserves. I desire that I may do all to the glory of His glorious name. 

Blessings ✌


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  1. Good work Eddie. May the Lord truly increase you as He gets all the glory. The compliment is to encourage you as you bless others with that which the Lord has blessed you with and the essence of the compliment is to give glory to God who chose you and equipped you for this very purpose

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