15 Months, 40 Posts

[Two months later… blows off dust from website]
Hey there! ✋

Glad you could pass by today. Trusting your day is or has been awesome. 😅😅

Feels good to be back after two months and a week, I think. I had an interesting conversation with someone at church this past Sunday, and he urged me to go back to writing on my blog. Actually, several people had asked me why I went off writing for a while, and hopefully, this post will help clear the air about the time away from writing.

This post marks the 40th one I’ve done since I began, which was June 2015 🎉🎆🎊🎇. 

15 months and 40 posts, that’s really amazing, with all the work I have to do, several commitments and servitudes; honestly, I have no one else to thank but God for the grace and strength He has, literally, lavished on me. 
To be honest, writing isn’t as easy as it seems, and at times, the frustrations can get to the heart. Yet, knowing that what I do is for His glory and the edifying of you, dear readers, gives me all the more joy as I do this. The site has reached close to 2000 views, and that makes me so humbled that you can find time to head over here and read my work. 

As mentioned, writing isn’t easy. Putting ideas across isn’t as simple as it seems to be. On top of that, putting it as simply as possible, yet in a way that captures the imagination, provokes the mind and stabs the heart (woah, I’m going all poetic 😂😂) can be a headache. For me, however, it’s not communication that poses a problem to me when writing articles, or even having ideas to share.

The main challenge I face is sharing pieces of my life in each and every post.😱😱

Let me throw a big reveal on one particular scenario. 

My retelling of the Prodigal Son required me to develop characters who readers can relate to, someone who is, in a way, a real person somewhere. Part One wasn’t really major on character development; Part Two is. And that is why Part Two has taken eons to be posted. Writing about Adili, I see myself reflected in him. Same goes for Tevu, Sali, and even Mr. Mdala. 

(Disclaimer: here’s the link to the first quarter of Part One, for those who haven’t read it yet or need refreshing.)

It can get scary, showing the world shards of you as a person. At times, I’m like, ‘Lord, help me get the courage to put up this post.’ And in His glorious way, He does. 

Most of the stuff I’ve written are things I struggle with, and how God speaks to me in those seemingly dark times. I post them in the hope that someone somewhere can be spoken to through it; know that, ‘Hey, you aren’t alone, God’s right there. He was there for me through this, He is there for you too.’ Some of the responses I get from readers are heart-warming, thanking God for using me at that particular time to speak to them.

Simply speaking, I took time off to remind myself why I committed myself to blogging, and what is required of me as a writer. 

Not for the blog stats to go through the roof. 

Not to share only my greatest joys, but also my deepest fears and insecurities. 

Not even for fame and recognition. 

I write simply because it’s one of my gifts, and the best way to use a gift is to bring glory to its Giver. It is my prayer that I shall stay true to this. 

Hopefully, I’ll be sharing a lot of things I come across as worth sharing, both for my gain and yours spiritually. Also in the haze of ideas is to do re-writes of Biblical passages and events, all while staying true to the Word. Also in the similar haze of ideas is variety. I’m a trivia freak👾👾, so expect several lists of facts and information which I hope you’ll find interesting. 

Oh, yeah, and music. I think I have another Top 7 lying somewhere in my laptop, I’ll fish it out and share it as soon as I can.

Looks like it’s gonna be a very interesting journey from here on😌😌. Let’s take it together, shall we? 

Grace and peace to you all. ✌


2 thoughts on “15 Months, 40 Posts

  1. Poetic indeed. Great to know you are back to writing and looking forward to many more. May be, just may be you will inspire me to start my own blog. Been starting like for the last 2 years and it’s yet to leave my diary. Scared? Maybe be. But see this am thinking I can do it too.
    Thnks once more..

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