Reflections: One Year In

This is the most awkward part of my posts; explaining uncalled for sabbaticals 😅

Well, it was really necessary, since I had attachment things to finish and being in the institution’s graduation choir had quite a toll on me. Yet in all, I thank God for His grace that was unsurpassing in measure. I hope to be back blogging as frequently as possible, sharing as much as I can in my walk with God and what He speaks to me daily.

This past month, since my last post, has been quite interesting. Both my blog and I celebrated birthdays, on 7th and 29th respectively. My blog turned one (this sounds weird, celebrating the birthday of an inanimate thing 😂) and I am quite happy :). So far, I have done 35 or so posts, which for me is quite impressive. I thank God for His grace to be able to find time in my schedules to do it all. If not, I think I would have givrn up ages ago.

From blogging, I find a way to share my hopes, pains and creative writing to you, in all giving glory to God alone. I admit, I sorely want to take and gild a compliment (I also wanna jump up and do my happy dance!!!), but then I ask myself, is it for me or for Him? If I were to do it for me and about me only, hahahahaha 😂, I’d be done with the blog in three weeks. I’ve found that the more I share about Him, the more I find out about Him. The more I find out about Him, the more I want to share about Him. It’s like a pleasantly spinning circle. One I can watch all day…

Goodbye teenage, hello world. I thought turning 20 would be this giant thing I just cant wait to attain. Then it came. And went. And I spent it shopping for a suit for the graduation ceremony, the day ending with me exhausted as a pack horse. However, I’m grateful I have turned into a young adult (tone of pride :roll::roll:), and that though teenage is over, one thing I can say has been the highlight of it is coming to the knowledge of God. Ah, yes. Wonderful things have come about from that. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been worth it. I am hopeful that this coming decade will be even more awesome than this past one. Thank you all for the warm wishes I received, it was very kind of you. I pray that God may grant all the desires of your hearts 💕. Y’all are special to me :):)

Well, I am finally home. Though the network is quite spotty, I might write posts, queue them and publish when I am able to access proper network coverage. This wasn’t quite the kind of reflection I had in mind, but I am glad I broke the sabbatical break. I might post a more in depth one when I get the opportunity. Till then, God bless you all.



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