25 Years, And Going Strong…

Today marks 25 years since the day my parents said, “I do!” at the altar.

I am so happy for you, Dad and Mom. For the (almost) 20 years I’ve spent with you, you have taught me so much, I guess any library won’t fit all the volumes of wisdom and knowledge you’ve poured into my life.

Dad, the great teacher you are (not only to me, but to everyone you ever stood before in a classroom, plus Mose and Annabelle too🙌), always wanting everything in order and emphasising on the need for self-awareness, self-esteem and crucial life skills; I doubt I’d get those anywhere else. Your love for family and friends inspires me to (attempt to, 😂😂) be like you. (At least, I do try 😁😁)
Plus your well calculated jokes and jibes, and your unruly salt and pepper hair when it grows too long. 😂😂😂You will always be my source of strength, and my support system. And, hopefully, I’ll get a home with a farm just like you have (approx. 10 goats, four cows and 140+ chicken. Oh, and a vegetable garden. I miss home already…).

Mom, also a great teacher (believe me, three years of her as Biology teacher and headteacher), your ways of being a neat-freak-almost-turning-into-OCD, amazing food (and cakes) and dreadlocks (yes, my mom has dreadlocks. 🎶shake ya dreadlocks, sista! 🎶), and being a person we can always run to when in need of advice. Having the strength to handle a lot of things (especially feeding those chickens, then going to teach in school, all in one day, everyday), yet have time to pause and smell the roses, have fun with family and drink litres of tea.

I couldn’t be more blessed than having such amazing people as my friends, supporters, parents… Each day, I thank God for you, and may you two have many more happy years together. Almost getting emotional… I love you, Mom and Dad. Simply put. You mean the world to me, and I would give 10,000,000 lifetimes elsewhere for just one with you.


Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad. Here’s to many more happy years yet to come. 🍷


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