The Wounded Soldier

Been a long time, I can feel it. It’s been too long, and I can honestly say I have been busy. I guess student life is slowly catching up with me, rearing it’s monstrous head to swallow me… 😱😱

Still, I have to find time to regularly post stuff that will inspire and motivate, and help us return to the truth that is God’s word. And today, I have just the thing 🙌

This was shared on the Nairet Music WhatsApp group by the ‘scholar’ 😄😄 Tito. Interesting enough, it was part of what we discussed in tonight’s Bible Study. I’ll share it here in its entirety, with a few edits. Then I’ll give my opinion afterwards.

Dig in…

*    *    *

This piece touched me and I thought I should share it here…it is long kiasi but it is a worthy read!!!

It’s all about you

The Wounded Soldier!!!

Lady 1: Pssssssssssssssst!!!!!! You should    hear this.  I told you she was pregnant

Lady 2: That’s a joke, she can’t be pregnant not her

Lady 1: Usione watu wanasimama kuimba kanisani ukafikiri wameokoka (Do not imagine that all those who sing in church are saved), it’s confirmed and in fact I heard the guy responsible doesn’t even care much (this may or may not even be true; it’s a rumour 😣😣)

Lady 2: Oh no, I would never think she would get pregnant, how could she?Doesn’t she realize the damage she has caused?Many people who look up her to will be misled. Kwanza hata mimi (even I) I wasn’t for the idea that she should be youth leader, this is embarrassing to the youth group and the church

Lady 1: Ssssshhhh!!!!!!!! Here she comes

Lady 2: Let’s pretend we know nothing. (Changes tone to a friendlier one, but is it?) “Heyyyyyyyyyyy!! How are you? How have you been?”

Lady 3: Hey Ladies, I am okay the Lord has been faithful.(This statement is very genuine)

Lady 1: (Sarcastically) eeeh He is always faithful even when we stray from Him.

Lady 2: mmmmh!

Lady 3: Yes He is. Have a great day ladies.

Lady 1: Yeah sure, you too. Bye!

Lady 2: Aki our church is full of hypocrisy; I am so pissed off right now. Are the elders aware of this, because they should be!

Lady 1: Hehehe Kuwa mpole, (chill) mimba ni kama kikohozi haiezi fichika hehehe(A pregnancy is like a cough you can’t hide it) it will come out soon.

Does this sound familiar?
A conversation like this can take place for any other person who is battling with drug abuse, abortion or any other form of addictions or struggles in the spiritual battle.

It is only in the Christian battle (Spiritual journey) where when a Christian soldier is wounded by the enemy, some fellow Christian soldiers, instead of shielding and protecting the wounded soldier from more harm, turn around to finish and kill the wounded soldier.


NOTE (not mine, the original author, whoever it may be 😄😄):
I write this bearing in mind that this is not what all Christians do and so it may not apply to all situations in life. I know of Christians who have sacrificed aloooot for the sake of others.

However a majority of us need to embrace the concept of GENUINE love, GENUINE giving, GENUINE comforting, GENUINE concern and GENUINE care.

And that is what I am presenting to you today.
Mistakes happen, people sin, we all sin, but that does not qualify us to judge those who are in situations like this. I talk about this with deep concern because many people are giving up on this journey for the specific reason that the environment around them is choking. So, if someone gets pregnant:
· She is already struggling with the guilt of what happened.
· She is psychologically tortured.
· She has probably thought of an abortion and maybe the pregnancy was even as a result of rape (just imagine how tough that would be!)

But she realizes she would rather keep the baby and deal with everything that comes her way. Just when she hopes that she can come to church and comfortably worship and cry to God, sing with friends and just have beautiful worship moments and bible study, it dawns on her that she is more wounded when she goes to her place of solace.

We can think of as many situations. A young man or woman gets into drug abuse either by choice or through any other reasons and all that you hear are words like:

“That one is wasted”

“How many times has he been to the rehab and yet he has come out worse?”

“Stay away from him he will mislead you.”

“Look at how dirty and messed up he is!He can’t use the seats mwambie akae hapo chini kwa nyasi (Tell him to sit on the grass).”

“Her parents are wasting cash on educating her or even taking her to the rehab”

Do these words ring a bell? Do they sound familiar?

Living like Christ is not just having a theoretical knowledge of Him but it is having a practical experience with Him.

Apart from knowing scripture, Jesus lived according to what it says. He ate with those who were considered sinners, outcasts, and harlots. He gave them hope; He pointed out their sin and pointed them to God who forgives sin. However many times we have been victims of pointing to the sin and doing nothing more than pointing.

So let us paint the picture once again. Why is it that when the soldier is wounded we tend to wound him/her more consciously or unconsciously? Is it because we think their sin is bigger than ours, or because we don’t want to do the noble thing of being by their side for the fear of being judged as well? Is it because we think their situation is HOPELESS? Or is it because it is easier to camouflage in the crowd #MobMentality.

What’s your excuse? Are you planning on doing anything about it? There are many wounded soldiers around you, all they desire is that you pray with them. Spend some time with them, encourage them that the battle is not lost and hold their hand.

For us to successfully win this battle,we need to ensure that any wounded soldier is helped through the healing process so that they will come out stronger and tougher as we complete this battle against the enemy.

And who knows… maybe the next wounded soldier may be YOU! and you will need someone!

Think About it!

Onward Christian soldiers 🎶

*    *    *
That was a long read, but so potent with truth that is sound and thought provoking.

I have, on several occasions, fallen victim to being someone who wounds my fellow soldiers. Instead of giving hope and encouragement to those who might need it in the struggles they face in their walk, I oftentimes point and say, stay away Ed.

But I shouldn’t.

Galatians 6:1 KJV
Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted.

I too will fall at a point in my walk, and I would not want to be a victim of being wounded by fellow soldiers. I’d rather have the hope that there will be someone I know will help me through by encouraging me in gentleness and love…

But it starts with me. I have to sow love to reap love, sow kindness and reap the same. Only Jesus can make me be able to truly love others like He does. (Help us, Lord 🙏🙏)

I pray that we all learn not to wound each other in our walk as Christians, but to help each other, as soldiers in battle do. That we may look to Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, knowing that the good work He began in us will be brought to completion by Him alone. May we truly turn to Him to help us learn GENUINE love and concern for each other.

This far you’ve come! One of my longest posts yet 😅😅

Be blessed and remain encouraged in the Lord ✌✌


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