A Promise is A Debt

And a debt I had to pay dearly for 😥😥

No, I didn’t offer my soul for anything, neither did I bite off more than I could chew in taking a loan 😂😂

Here’s the story… There are two things that happened, and both led to me paying The Debt (emphasis added).

Recently, my mom came to see me in school, in the process meeting some of my friends, my roomies, seeing my room 😱😱😱and just being the wonderful mother she is. My mom is waaay cooler than your mom 😝😝😝

She, however, was disappointed by my hair at it’s length of 5 months, to the point of calling it a ‘mat’ and a ‘carpet’. So she said she’d be very happy if I’d shave it, but I said no. A big emphatic NO.

She took one line and tortured me with it… ‘How can I come all the way from Eldoret to see you, then you look like such a thug? Like a bhang dealer?’ (N/B I come from a family where embellishments are genetic, so take some comments made with a pinch of salt 😂😂)

So it poked me, and stabbed me and pricked me, too much, that I made a promise I ended up regretting.

‘If I end up on last semesters pass list, I’ll shave.’

Well, you can guess for yourself what happened next. Below are the results of a debt paid in full…


See the attempted happiness 😣😣

Where previously I was like this…


Credits to Retrica ✌✌

So sadly, my hair is gone. My hair… Anyway, my mom acknowledged it as the hand of God at work, bringing sense into my head.

I can see you smile wickedly 😥😥

Anyway, change is inevitable. And its a good thing hair grows back. Ha! Jokes on you 😅😅

Still, I’ve learned that a promise is a debt. Especially when it comes to getting rid of something you pledged.

Blessed night.


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