Looking Back…

I had this random idea on Sunday morning…

Why not compare the Ed of last year and the Ed of right now?

Well, I raided my secret archives of photos from last year and found one I thought looked great. Then I quickly took a selfie at the moment, made a collage, tweaked it a little bit, and voila! This was the result…


Ok, I’ll give you a moment to breathe… Take deep slow breaths …

Yes, those are two very similar people. It’s still me underneath all the facial hair and sun-baked skin (oh, Juja, what have you done to me 😄😄).

Looking back at who I was when I took the 2015 photo and who I am now as we speak, I can only thank God for His grace and mercy each day that is never failing. I’m glad that through all the circumstances I’ve been through, all the endeavours I’ve done and all the decisions I’ve made, He has seen me through it all.

I’m glad I’ve learned to trust in Him, to rely on Him and to hope in the promises He has for me.

All in all, I’m still growing out my hair, and I’m thinking of what to do with it once it hits seven months of growth (approx. June). All hair gurus, self proclaimed or not, I need ideas!!! 😂😂😂😂

Be blessed ✌


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