Thanksgiving 🙏🙏

For one, I think Kenya needs to implement this day in the calendar. Just a day to give thanks to the Lord for all He has done, and to all who blessed our lives in various ways over the year.

Since we lack a Thanksgiving Day, I will use the American one instead (;););)).

Where to start now? Goodness. There’s so much to be grateful for. 😁😁

Fisrt, let me give all my thanks to God, fr His mercy, His grace, and unending love. No matter how far I run from Him, He will always guide me back home to His arms, loving me faithfully each day. I am eternally grateful for the sacrifice His Son, Jesus,  gave on the cross. Such an outpouring of love and compassion is truly one of a kind. I am grateful for where He has brought me from, where He’s placed me, and where He’s taking me.

Mom and Dad 🙋🙋🙋if you’re reading this, know that I always appreciate God for you two. If there was a market where parents were to be chosen and bought, I’d still take you over any other, in this lifetime or the next thousand. Your humour, your generosity, your everything is a daily blessing to me. Thank you for always being there to guide me, to correct me, and train me in the way I should go; for supporting my decisions and choices, and letting me discover God in my own way. Big debt I owe you there 😂😂

Classmates. Food Science and Technology,  second year 2015/2016. You guys are all awesome. Each day spent with you laughing and having fun adds three more somewhere in my life 😂. I raise a glass to you, Brian, Vin, Pauline, Chweya, Essie, Vickie, Abigail, Paulette, Candy, Iggy, Dama, Arthur, both Dianas, Esther N., Arbe, Caro, Jane, Sam, Johnstone, Patrick, Marion, Velma, Hellen, Tracy, both Mercys, Robert, Emma 😂😂😂, Liz, and I’m feeling like I’m missing someone. Well, nawapenda nyote 😚😚😘😘for all the fun times we have had, and its only the first semester of second year. Lord knows what lies ahead 😄😄😄. Mbarikiwe and may the Lord continue to shine His face upon you.

Each day is a blessing with you guys

NAIRET as a family and the music ministry. Thank you Henry, CK, Victor, Henton, Martin, James, Joe Mojo, Chino ✌, Nancy, Chumba, Mohol, Arlon, Brandon, Joy, Mole, Waka, Sam, Fredrick (Fried Rice 😂😂), Hazel,  and a whole lot of others who I just cannot remember. You guys are talented, funny, and above all, blessed. The Lord has placed your reward aside, and I know it’s a big one. Do not let pride build up in you, but let God guide you in all you do for His glory.

Next is an array of people to thank for the great impact they have had on me. Hope, for inspiring me to inspire others;). Ourdilia, for encouraging me to use my gift of writing to bless people and give all glory to God through it. Joseph, for mentoring me and helping me walk in paths of righteousness, though not easy, he has been a great support. And of course the entire fellowship at Sirikwa Pentecostal Fellowship, especially the Youth. Shout out to Tito 🙋. Grandma and Grandpa along with Aunt Ngeni, thank you thank you thank you for everything :):). Kristoff, you are one crazy guy. And everyone needs a crazy guy to break the monotony of normal 😂😂thank you for being an encouragement, and being more of a brother than a friend.

If this goes on it will be sponsored as a longread 😄😄but there’s so much in my heart that I am grateful for. Life, health, all my situations and even my past; there is a lot to be thankful for to He who gives in abundance.

And, before I forget, thank you, dear reader, for reading this. And all my other posts as well 😂. At post #15 now, its the Lord’s grace that has brought me this far. Thank you for taking time each day to check if a new post is up. Be blessed.



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