Unashamed of You 🙌 #116Challenge

Rom 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek. (NKJV)

This had me thinking a lot about my walk as a Christian. Writing this post came to mind after I walked across campus.

With a Bible in hand, headed to a fellowship.

A friend of mine once told me that she got into the students mess with a Bible in hand, and she got snide looks and coarse laughter from a lot of people.

It seems the experience somewhat gave her a fear for doing that again (fortunately, it was temporary 😅😅). And I bet if it were me, I’d cower away in fear and shame. But the question still stands: Why?


Looking down from His glorious throne, Jesus saw you and I. Lost in sin, destined for death. And still He gave it all up to rescue us. Honestly, who would leave a life of splendour to come and live in almost squalor? Love made Him do it.

He wasn’t ashamed of us when He saw how lost we were. He called us His own. He called us His co-heirs. Imagine that; a person like me, called a child of God.

Covered in filth, He embraced us with His love, clothed us with beauty. His love for us made Him take the heavy burden of the cross, bear it in our place, die in our stead.

What would sum the equation had He looked down and said, Eww, there’s no way I’m going to take their place. They’re too far gone, besides, I wouldn’t want to be associated with them.

Point is,  He wasn’t ashamed of us. Of me.

Why, then, should I be ashamed of Him?

Why should I feel put down when what He has done for me, what He has brought me from, is far greater than what any human being could ever even dream of doing?

Why should I hide my Bible when walking to fellowship when in it, He proclaims that I am His and He is mine through His perfect sacrifice?

🎶 I will sing about Your love/ I will shout it to the sky/ I will tell them what You’ve done/ When the people ask me why I live my life this way/ I’m gonna say that I am unashamed of You.
Unashamed of the Gospel, the cross, the good news for the lost/ The blood that spilled down Calvary’s hill/ For what your grace did, and what Your grace does…

~Lyrics from ‘Unashamed of You’ by Chris August (✌awesome artist) off his album ‘The Upside of Down’. ~

Will you take up the #116 challenge?

Have a blessed weekend, lovely people ✌✌


4 thoughts on “Unashamed of You 🙌 #116Challenge

Add yours

  1. Awesome Eddie I think it’s high time we realise it’s not a normal thing to have Christ the son of God to die for our sins. We want to hide away from His ways while He was never ashamed of our cruel ways, my cruel ways.
    Feeling blessed.
    God bless

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