Wewe ni Mwema

Psalm 34:8 Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! (NKJV)

Good morning all you wonderful people. Here’s to a great week ahead and cheers to an awesome weekend. 🎉🎊

There is a song that has been on my heart since about Thursday. It was sung at our weekly fellowship, and ever since, it has been on my mind. Declaring the goodness of the Lord, and His greatness as well. Its caled Wewe ni Mwema by Israel Ezekia, a beautiful, beautiful song that deserves to be heard so that one can believe it to be true.

Oh taste and see that He is good. I have seen His hand over me in my life; from where He took me from and till where I am today, it wasn’t by my own design or planning, but His love and mercy.

Below are the lyrics, and I’ve given a close translation (rather, attempted at 😂😂😂) so that the words can still have the same feel as in the original.

Click here to watch the video (for mobile devices) and prepare to have your heart declaring His great deeds.

Be blessed ✌

                   *    *    *

Naja mbele zako Mungu wangu,
(I come before you, my God)

Nikiwa nazo heshima zote,
(With all the respect)

Ninakiri yale uyatendayo,
(I confess all You are doing)

Hakika wewe ni mwema
(Truly, You are good)

Muweza yote…
(He who is able to do all things)

Wewe ni mwema…
(You are good)

Haufananishwi, wewe ni mwema Baba
(You are incomparable, You are good, Father)

Wewe ndiwe Baba wa mataifaa,
(You are the Father of the nations)

Unatenda mambo yaajabu,
(You do wondrous things)

Ninakiri yale uyatendayo,
(I confess all You are doing)

Hakika wewe ni mwema.
(Truly You are good)


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