Eddie the Teddie

I had been wondering what to out as my first post, new to blogging and all… Had no idea on what to put first….
Then, it came to me…
Eddie the Teddie. 😅😅
It actually started with a mentor and dear friend of mine calling me Teddie… Long back story to that. (Note to self, will post it soon.)
After a long chat spanning months,  she finally said I had ‘superpowers‘. Superpowers??
So I asked, “What superpowers?” I aint no Superman 😂😂😂😂
Then she said something that hit me…
“101% sweetness. If you were any sweeter, you’d be diabetic. ”
Whoa 😵😵
She went on to tell me about Spidey… He could have used his powers to help those who mattered the most to him, but didn’t. Instead, it separated him from them. (His loss.)
Question: will i use my ‘superpowers’ to reach out to those who matter the most? :(:(
Got me thinking for a while. A long while, actually. To be precise, all night.
We all have a superpower in us, one special thing God has blessed us with to reach out and show His love to others.
Matthew 5:16, on point. Our superpowers are Gods light in us, which He expects us to shine to the world. Whatever your gifting is, its a light in you that no one should, let alone can , put out, even you 😄.
I think I should always stick to that great thought :):):)
Have a great day people.


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